See the FLOKK Presentation given December 2004 to our CS 472 Artificial Intelligence class at Iowa State University.

What is a flokk?

We use the term flokk to refer to a flock, herd, school, or any term referring to a group of agents. An agent is a member of a flokk. An agent is (in our case) an animal, human, or some living character. The idea of the flokk is to control multiple agents that interact together. Examples include a herd of sheeps, pigs in a pig pen, birds in flight (in formation), and a school of fish.

Purpose of the FLOKK library

The FLOKK library is designed for use in a computer graphics environment. FLOKK is useful for game development and other computer visualisation projects. FLOKK itself does not generate any computer graphics. It only provides information so that the programmer can use the information to draw their own graphics.

By setting characteristics of a flokk, a programmer can let FLOKK take care of the artificial intelligence to control the behaviour of the flokk. However, the programmer must define how the flokk or individual agents of the flokk react in different situations. To ease the job of the programmer, FLOKK has some sample programs written for common situations such as a school of fish, a flock of birds, and a pigs in a pig pen.